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What is the SOAR Transition Program?
The Clovis West Area SOAR Transition Team’s purpose is to provide support to students and families, by ensuring equal access to education and connecting them to resources through building relationships. As a team, we will provide our students with the necessary tools and resources to meet their academic, social, and emotional needs.
 The Transition Program is part of a district-wide effort to support student achievement. Our founding superintendent, Dr. Floyd Buchanan, believed in a "fair break for every kid." We hold to that belief that all kids can learn. As an educational team, we want to see all students reach their potential in mind, body, and spirit.
 The Transition Program allows us the opportunity to focus on students who might not seek out support but would benefit from mentoring and increased connections to school resources. We will provide students with the resources they need to be successful in the classroom, at home, and in the community.
 In the Clovis West area, we have Community Resource Centers at Clovis West High School (C Building) and at Kastner Intermediate School (room E1).
SOAR at Fort Washington
The Transition Team begins investing in students at the elementary school level. Typically, once a student is involved with the SOAR Program, they will be supported all the way through high school graduation as long as they are in the Clovis Unified School District.
Not only do SOAR leaders support the students at the primary level, but they are a great resource for students making the transition from elementary to junior high, and then again from junior high to high school. SOAR Students can count on those connections to be there consistently throughout their years in CUSD. 
Communication with parents is also a vital part of the SOAR Program’s success. The program mentors aim to maintain good contact with parents and caretakers to promote the growth of each child. Mentors also often serve as a liaison between the school staff and parents, and help give perspective about how their child is progressing at school. Contact is always encouraged so that all parties involved can best support each student. 

SOAR Contact Information

Fort Washington SOAR Program Instructional Aide

Fort Washington SOAR Program Student Relations Liaison

Hayley Dunkel 

[email protected]

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