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Fort Washington Elementary
960 E. Teague Ave.
Fresno, CA 93720 

Office Hours: 7:45-4:30pm
Office Phone: (559) 327-6600
FAX: (559) 327-6690



Melanie Hashimoto

Lauren Nijskens

Heather Guffey
  Office Staff
Sheila Cobb
Office Manager 

Karen Nii
Student Services Assistant

Mary Gerdts
Phone: (559) 327-6677 
Donna Kawana
Health Services Assistant
Nurse's Office 
Phone: (559) 327-6677

Emily Dennison

John Crawford
Plant Manager
Elena Garcia
Campus Catering Specialist
  TK / Kindergarten
Mishelle Cuttone
Kindergarten/Transitional K Combo - K1 AM

Iliana Marrone
Kindergarten - K2 AM

Kathy Regier
Kindergarten - K1 PM

Amy Asai
Kindergarten - Online
Edgenuity Teacher

 1st Grade
Merrilee Montgomery
1st Grade - RM 4

Shanon Fox-Dominguez
1st Grade - RM 2
[email protected]

Cambria Negri
1st Grade - RM 3
[email protected]
Jennifer Puentes
1st/2nd Grade Combo - RM 7
[email protected]
Amy Asai
1st Grade - Online
Edgenuity Teacher

 2nd Grade
Makenzie Engle
2nd Grade - RM 5

Tara Garrigus
2nd Grade - RM 6

Mia Gliatta
2nd Grade - RM 10
[email protected]
Jennifer Puentes
1st/2nd Grade Combo - RM 7
[email protected]
 3rd Grade
Karen Hahesy
3rd Grade - RM 12

Kathy Lysdahl
3rd Grade - RM 13

Taleen Issakhanian
3rd Grade - RM 9
[email protected]
 4th Grade
Diane Schulz
4th Grade - RM 8

Karen Gonzales
4th Grade - Rm 15

Kristen Cole
4/5th Combo - RM 14 

 5th Grade
Nicole Ingraham
5th Grade - RM 17

Kristen Cole
4/5th Combo - RM 14 

Donald Ostrander
5/6th Grade Combo - RM19
[email protected]
 6th Grade
Kaitlyn Bethel
6th Grade - RM 18
[email protected]

Greg Knod
6th Grade - RM 16

Donald Ostrander
5/6th Grade Combo - RM19
[email protected]
 Special Education
Michelle Enggaard
RSP Grades K-3  RM 1

Raymond Rodriquez
RSP Grades 4-6  RM 11 

Alyse Dillon
Speech and Language  RM 1
[email protected]
Rebecca Palm
K-3 Grades EIP  RM 23

Jenai Carpenter
4-6 Grades  RM 25

Allison Johnson
EIP Therapist  RM 24
[email protected]

Curtis Ranieri
SPED School Psychologist - RM 24
[email protected]

 Arts & Music
Stephanie Anaforian
Band and Classroom Music - RM 21

Cynthia Salomonson
Chorus - MPR Stage


Support Staff

 Library Media Center
Tiffany Petrissans
Library Technician - LMC

Crystal Beyer
Tech Lab Teacher - LMC

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