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Distance Learning
Hello Patriots,

We are missing you at the Fort!  While our distance learning has been extended through May 1st, we want to make sure we are still learning the essential standards in our grade levels therefore learning packets and online instructions through Google Classroom, Zoom, Epic, Freckle, and more have been made available to you.  Also, we continue to encourage our students to continue to get the minimum state requirement of 200 minutes of physical activity every 10 days, by exercising a minimum of 20 minutes a day.

The following guidance will be used by teachers as they determine distance learning and final grades this year.  Please remember that our entire educational team is poised to assist families to support our students. This includes not only your child’s teacher, but a network of intervention teachers, instructional assistants, counselors, psychologists, nurses, transition teams, and school administrators who are ready to help.  Stay connected with your teacher and your child’s school principal and ask questions if needed.

Elementary (Grades Pre-K - 6)

  • Third quarter grades have already been recorded and sent to parents shortly after the transition to distance learning in March.
  • Fourth quarter grades will be based on work completed since March 13, 2020, and will reflect an effort-based grading structure of “Outstanding,” “Satisfactory,” or “Needs Improvement.”
  • Grades will take into account a student’s degree of participation and engagement in distance learning in addition to typical evaluation elements such as completion and quality of work.
  • All work is due to the student's classroom teacher by Friday, May 22, 2020


Mrs. Hashimoto